Balance Repair Spa Set

My goal for this series of images was to create dimension through shadows and to expand my portfolio in terms of colors and pushing visual boundaries.

My thought process was that I knew the general mood of what I wanted the images to be, but the execution was yet to be determined. Once I took the first image, I immediately liked the contrast of the surface and the products. Ultimately, I chose props that coordinated with the ingredients of each product and styled the image from there. I am happy with the end result and I am glad that my work is taking a turn towards moodiness and play on texture.

My original intention was to only shoot the first image below, however, I ended up doing individual frames of each because the products are actually sold separately.

Side note, I noticed that I have used this surface in a few other shots that I have taken, I guess I have a favorite!


Things that I learned:

  1. Have a clear plan when it comes to props.

    There were a few props that I ended up not using which is usually the case. However, I need to be more intentional with my plan and visualize clearly before the day of shooting. Overall, I am happy with the propping choices.

  2. Keep the crop while shooting and create from there.

    I do this now, but in the beginning, I would shoot outside of the crop and decided how to crop later. I like the intention of knowing the boundaries of what will be in the frame to create a stronger image.

  3. Having a soft focus on the very back of the image is not all bad.

    Iā€™m glad that I focused mainly on the products rather than every plane of focus. It helps direct the eye to what the viewer should be looking at and relaxes the eye.

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