There is an everlasting struggle between wanting to be in control, yet there is fear that holds the person behind. Crystal L. Downing says in her book, Changing Signs of Truth, “Power blinds people to their own blindness.” There can be a point in which if there is too much power, then it can consume a person and lead them down a path far worse than they ever could have expected. The power to choose good or evil. The power to live and let others live. The power to love others unconditionally or hate with contempt. When does one stop this hunger for power and become vulnerable? Whether it be to close friendships and family or at the feet of Jesus. How can we live when there is this need for power and to be in control?

This image has two faces of the same person showing the constant struggle between whether to use power and stand up at all costs or to be humble and respectfully step back and let others take control. It is meant to look unsettling, yet there is almost a beauty in the piece.