The Color Amber

This month the color that has captivated my imagination is the color amber. When a person hears the name of a specific color each person will vision it differently even though it is the same color. Amber does this on so many levels because it is not just orange or yellow, but a mixture of many colors.

For this mood board, I added images that have movement and energy which makes this color even more exciting. These images make me want to create and rebel from what I normally think as beautiful. This color is bold and in some ways controversial because it typically not used as often as most colors. (At least in my daily life).

With summer just around the corner, these images give me the desire to translate the warmth into what I photograph. When you look at these images, try to come up with your own feelings from what you see. Let the pictures guide you and spark new ideas into your brain. This is just the beginning. 

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