The Power of Sight

Perception is the ability to become aware of something through the senses. When viewing a person for the first time, we pay attention to the details that reflect our own identity that are unique to our own cultural group. Each interpretation of another person allows us to attach meaning and understanding. 

    These images contain a window which symbolize changing perspective. A window creates a different view and allows us to focus past our current location. When we see another who appears different than we are, the perception process begins. It not only forces us to see the differences in one another, but if not careful, it can lead to negative biases. The window is a reminder to not view others in this way and to look further, beyond our own identities. The women, with their own cultural differences, address the way we see those who are different from us. 

    As an African American woman who has spent time in various countries and cultures, I have become aware of how I am perceived as well as how I perceive others. Looking at others from a different perspective, opens our worlds and shows the beauty in others.