Projects Overview

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Multi-Sku Project

This project was a few years in the making with many people who took on this massive project. I initially was involved in the early process of this project which was simply gathering hundreds of images and creating a uniform crop and digital asset managing.

For example, Bird State Art would have over 100 variations from the state to the type of frame that was used. This was called a multi-sku. Other common multi-skus were, States, Birth Months, Flowers, Families and many more.

It was my responsibility to gather these images, crop and save them so that they could be used for a more friendly user experience for our online customers. This required attention to detail, time-management, and the ability to create uniformity in each image.


Reshooting Photography

Often times, there are different reasons why a product needs a reshoot. Some reasons are that the packaging or the photo direction could have changed. Sometimes, there are images that just need a refresh.

Over the years, I have found old images on our website that no longer fits our current style of photography and have been able to elevate and enhance the product with care. Here are the before and after images that I have reshot to create a better experience for our customers.