The Perfect Start

"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." 

I think about the struggles I have had in the past few months and can't help but be thankful for my experiences. Without them, I would have not learned certain things about myself or would most likely take for granted the things that I have now. The countless job searching and interviewing has finally come to an end. And I am so thankful to say that I now have two jobs! Though they aren't exactly what I had in mind when I graduated, I am glad to develop new skills and meet new people. Now that I have less time, I need to be more intentional with pursuing photo shoots and future opportunities. 

I am entering a new season in life and I couldn't be more happier or excited for the future. I have determined that no matter what happens in my life, that it was meant to happen in it's own perfect way. Each person has their own start and this mine. Even though things may not have happened how I thought it would, I am thankful for what I do have.  

I am still finding new places to go in Milwaukee and have been enjoying learning about this city. Even though the weather is getting colder, I can't let it stop me from going out and attaining new experiences. The other day, I went to a cool place called Belair Cantina, a bar and restaurant, that specializes in delicious tacos. I had Tacos al Pastor which is my most favorite food ever! I thought it was only made in Mexico, but I am happy to be wrong about that. The vibe was really chill and would definitely be the place to go during the summer. Of course, I had to take a picture of their wall which is the one above. I am excited to see the next place that I venture to and many more places in the future.

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