Interview: Matea & Martina

I have discovered this lovely blog called Invitation to Inspiration and since inspiration is something that I love, I immediately fell in love with their blog! I hope you enjoy learning more about these duo bloggers!

I would love to know your names, ages, where are you both from?

Invitation To Inspiration duo are Matea (29 years old) and Martina (28 years old). Both of us were born in Split, Croatia. 

Martina studied Croatian and English linguistics and literature in her hometown. After high school graduation, Matea went to Venice, Italy where she got her bachelor`s degree, followed by a graduate degree in architecture in Trieste, Italy.

What made you start to blogging in the first place?

Matea`s photography was our blogging trigger. We didn`t overanalyze the idea of starting our blog. We were complete blog ignorants, which made the whole thing a lot easier for us. When you know nothing, you`ve got nothing to lose. 

Martina: I`ve always been impressed by Matea`s photos. After seeing her photos of my last birthday party, I said to her: "Woman, you`ve got to let the world see your talent! You should have your own blog!“ She said she would do it if I became her "partner in crime" and the rest is history. 

Matea: I`ve fallen in love with photography parallel with the beginning of my studies in Italy. I had been toying with the idea of starting my own photo blog for quite a long time, but I had a million excuses why not to start it. When Martina blurted out her proposal, I said to myself, "Why not!"

How does it work for two bloggers? Do you get along? Would you both rather have your own blog or do you like sharing it together? 

Our collaboration feels incredibly natural to us. We have never had the need to question it. We`ve been friends for 15 years and share the same aesthetic sensibility. Each of us enjoys complete freedom when creating a post. 

Matea is in charge of the architectural posts, Martina takes care of the literature section, while the fashion section is handled by both of us. Matea is the one behind the camera and Martina the one posing in front of it in our authentic posts.

 The idea of having separate blogs have never crossed our minds. For us, having a blog makes sense only if we`re doing it together.

What are you most inspired by? Why?

Creating the blog has just confirmed what we`ve always known- every aspect of the world around us is inspirational. From the work of famous architects and writers to the creations of ordinary people who live with us and around us. 

Finally, we inspire each other and learn from each other which is the most amazing "side effect" of having a blogging partner.  

How has being an architect and a literature professor affected your blog?

Our professions have gone beyond our daily jobs. Dealing with words, books, blueprints and sketches is our way of life. We do what we love, therefore being and architect and a literature and linguistics professor is inseparable from who we are. We believe people can sense it on our blog. 

What is your favorite landscape?

Matea: I believe there is no such thing as a favorite landscape. I can find beauty in the vastness of urban spaces, as well as in the secluded parts of nature. That being said, I primarily think of myself as a Mediterranean architect. Mediterranean landscape is where I feel I belong.

What is your favorite piece of literature or favorite author? 

Martina: A true book lover could never choose a favorite piece of literature. Skillful and soulful writing speaks a universal language of emotions whether it`s a poem, a novel, a play or a short story. There are numerous authors whose work I appreciate, but the ones who I always go back to are Raymond Carver, J.D. Salinger, Mikhail Bulgakov and Haruki Murakami.

What do you love most about fashion? Why?

Fashion is an incredible art form. For us, fashion is an extension of one`s personality. It may sound weird, but very often fashion speaks loudly of who we are and what we feel. That is why we named our fashion section "Mood Mirror".

What makes your personal style unique?

Today, it is harder than ever to be unique. The trends are global and is very easy to look like a clone. The only way to be unique is to be playful and to dress according to your personality. We build our styles around who we are, not what we wear. Many styles may look similar to each other, but our personalities are what make us stand apart.

Give me one word that you would each describe for yourself?

This is a tough one! We`ll both go with: indescribable!

Lastly, what is something that you would like others to know about you both?

Matea is a passionate animal lover and fighter for animal rights. 

Martina was a screenplay writer for popular Croatian soap opera which she likes to call "daily drama".

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