Eli Sostre, SZA, and Kanye West

Besides these albums below, I have really been focusing on music from the 60's and 70's; The Temptations, The Beatles, Queen, and Elton John to name a few. These twelve albums below have been a lot of what I have been listening to and I would encourage you to give a few a listen as well. The albums are displayed in alphabetical order from left to right.


1. Albin de la Simone: L'un de nous (2017)

The title of the album is translated to One of Us. But honestly, I didn't start listening to his music because of the words. I listened to it because it gave me a feeling that I had never felt before. My favorite thing to do when listening to Albin is cooking a new meal. I can imagine living a whole new world with the music while I'm making freshly cooked food. If you don't listen to calming music while you cook, I would highly recommend trying it. I truly love all the songs on this album, but I would say that my favorite is Les chiens sans langue which translates to Dogs without Language. 

2. Albin de la Simone: Un Homme (2013)

I am always searching for new music. I actually discovered Albin by adding him to a playlist that I created without hearing the song. When I first heard his music, I came to realize that he was speaking French and from there I was completely inspired. Un Homme translates to A Man. My favorite songs from this album are Moi Moi, Mort en plien air, and Un Homme. I highly recommend that you listen to both of Albin's albums. 

3. August Wilhelmsson: The Big Truth (2016)

Often when someone hears me listening to this type of music they immediately conclude that they've heard the song from a movie, but they don't know which one. It's very possible that some of the music that I listen to could be from a movie, however, it is also just possible that the composer knows how to compose epic music. I love the way this music makes me feel, sometimes invincible. My favorite song is The Big Truth and I would highly recommend this album. 

4. Eli Sostre: Sleep Is for the Weak (2017)

I've been a fan of Eli since his first EP and I was happy to be able to even see him in concert this past month. He stays in the same vibe as his last album, but also keeps the lyrics as deep and emotional as before. If you haven't listened to his music before, I would say he has a similar style as Bryson Tiller. My favorite songs from the album are New Addy, Basics, and S.I.F.T.W

5. Eli Sostre: Still Up All Night (2016)

This was Eli's first album which I must admit, I prefer this album a little bit more than his newer one. Some of my favorite songs are Birds Chirping, New Pirelli, and Still Up All Night.

6. French Montana: Jungle Rules (2017)

I was never a fan of French Montana until I heard the song Unforgettable which is one of my favorites on this album and dare I say, one of the songs of the summer. I will say that I do not love this album, but a few other songs I would say I enjoyed was Migo Montana ft. Quavo and Stop It ft. T.I. 

7. Gavin Luke: The New Queen (2016) 

This another epic album which not only makes me feel invincible, but like royalty. It is interesting to feel the theme in every song of the album, definitely this is one of those, play-the-album-all-the-way-through type of albums.  

8. Kanye West: The Life of Pablo (2016) 

I listened to this album through and through last summer, but I had to come back to it because it was just that good. I'm not a fan of Kanye's choices or things that he says, but I am definitely a fan of his music. He pushes the envelope and creates sounds that no one is doing. He really stands in his own lane and I appreciate his vision. It's hard to pick a favorite song, but it would have to be Freestyle 4, so different and so good. 

9. Maleek Berry: Last Daze of Summer (2016)

Maleek never fails to make good music and his Caribbean vibes just make you want to dance. Lately, I've been in a mood to listen to Island music and Maleek was the first person that I decided to go for. If you need a pick me up, definitely give his music a listen. 

10. SZA: Ctrl (2017)

I have been a fan of SZA since her song called Child's Play back in 2014. But I would have to say this album definitely put her on the map. I was excited to see where she would take this album and it is definitely one of those sipping on wine, chilling at home kind of vibes. My favorite song from the album is Love Galore where she really asks the question of 2017. "Why do you bother me when you know you don't want me?" Thank you SZA for music for the culture and I can't wait to see where your career takes you. 

11. Travis Greene: The Hill (2015)

This album almost didn't make the list because I have only been listing secular music, however I would be remiss to not put this album on my list. Travis is one of my new favorite gospel artists, I love gospel songs that are all about praising the Lord and just uplifting who He is. My favorite song from this album is The Hill, I must say it is hard to get through this song without a good cry. 

12. Young Thug: Beautiful Thugger Girls (2017)

Depending on who you talk to, either people love, hate or tolerate trap music. Me, being a lover of all types of music, I would definitely have to say that I love trap music because it is more about the vibe of the sounds than the actually words. My favorite song from this album is Feel It. It's definitely an explicit song, but I like that it is almost like a love song with a really good beat. 

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