Birdbath Green Bakery

Likely, you came to my blog to see an extended caption from my Instagram. And I must admit, I struggle to write captions. If they are too long, you are taking yourself too serious. And if it is too short, how can a person justify "liking" something when they don't know what the picture is all about? I usually stick to emoji's as captions, it's foolproof. For those that came to my blog because you love what I have to say, I appreciate you as well. Anyways, I digress.

Recently, my little sister came to visit me for a few days. It was her "real" first time coming to the big city so I knew we would have to go to all the main sites. (Her first time in New York was when she was a toddler so does that really even count?) After a brisk walk in Central Park, we planned to get some tea and treats from a cute place that I might mention at a later time. The wait time to get in was about an hour so we decided to quickly find a place to eat while we waited. Within a few minutes, we found Birdbath Green Bakery.

The people greeted us with a smile and right away we felt welcomed. The first thing that I asked was whether they had a menu. They quickly explained that there was no menu and they would inform us with everything that we needed to know. It was kind of refreshing that there was no menu because it allowed time for conversation rather than just demanding "number 5 on the menu, please".

I ordered this tasty falafel burger with avocado and various greens. My sister order the little croissant with ham and cheese. There was only one large table which everyone sat at together. Even though I only talked to my sister, I can imagine if I were coming in alone it might be a nice way to meet someone new. Sometimes living in New York, there are people all around, but you forget that there are actually people to interact with. 

Not only does the atmosphere feel welcoming and artistic, the eco-friendly bakery consciously makes a positive impact on the environment with everything they do. Birdbath proudly builds each location with materials, such as, bamboo and grasscloth. Even the walls are made from wheat and sunflower seeds which is an alternative to using materials that negatively impact our world. Knowing that this place makes a positive difference makes me appreciate this place all the more. 

There are seven Birdbaths in the city and each place is very different from the other. The one that I went to was on 274 Columbus Ave. I would definitely go back and recommend that you give them a visit. 

Comment below! What are some places that you are loving lately? 

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