Frank Ocean, dvsn, and The Sweeplings

Here are the top 12 albums that I have been loving this month. If you haven't heard any of this music, I would definitely recommend that you check them out. They are listed in alphabetical order from left to right. 

1. Drake: More Life (2017)

I've heard mixed reviews, some people like it, other people think it's okay, and other people think Drake needs to retire. When I initially heard the playlist, I thought it was okay. But after giving it a thorough listen, I love the way his lyrics come together. My favorite songs have been Gyalchester, Portland, and Free Smoke.

2. dvsn: SEPT 5TH (2016)

A friend told me about this artist and I have really enjoyed his vibe. His contemporary R&B ballads really make you feel all the emotions. I truly love Do It Well, SEPT 5TH, and The Line.

3. Fortunes.: Jacket EP (2016)

I just started listening to this group. What I really love about Fortunes. is that they play mellow hip-hop vibes with great harmony. You can really sit back and relax with a good beat. My favorite song from their EP is Justin Bieber

4. Frank Ocean: blond (2016)

I honestly haven't listened to the album all the way through. I was a little slow to picking up this album because it came out last year. Usually with Frank Ocean, I will find one song and just play it over and over. That song for me is White Ferrari

5. Future: Future (2017)

When I first heard this album, I liked it, but I didn't love it. I heard he made it for his hardcore fans, and you can tell by the overall sound. But as I kept listening to it, there are some great songs such as Massage In My Room, Flip, and Mask Off

6. Future: HNDRXX (2017)

Then in the next month, he came out with another album which I loved all the way through. This album was definitely geared toward his mainstream audience and I still feel that this is probably his best album that he has made to date. There are a lot of songs that I have resonated with, but the ones that still get me are Selfish (ft. Rihanna), New Illuminati, and Use Me

7. Jamie Scott: My Hurricane (2015)

This is one of those albums that has one song just speaks to my heart. One day, if I join a music group, I will want to sing a cover from this album. They have two versions of the song, one normal version (Heaven's Gate) and the other a cappella (Lights). The lyrics are just poetry and the harmony just adds to the beauty of the words. It is hard to describe the beauty of this song, but maybe the only way someone can appreciate it is by listening to it.

8. Kendrick Lamar: DAMN. (2017)

There was a lot of excitement when the album came out. The thing that separates Kendrick from other rappers, is the words that he says are profound. I didn't like his vibe as much when he first came out, but I appreciate what he stands for and the direction his music is going. My favorite songs from the album are HUMBLE., ELEMENT., and LOYALTY FEAT RIHANNA.

9. Khalid: American Teen (2017)

I have been listening to Khalid since the beginning and he finally came out with a full album. His vibrato is like butter on bread and he can do no wrong. My favorite song from the album is Another Sad Love Song which is a perfect song for spring.

10. Oscar Collins: If You Will (2013)

You may not believe me when I say that a song with no words can bring out more emotions than a song with words, but this is how I feel about this album. The way the music is composed makes you feel ways that can't be expressed in words. I would definitely recommend this album if you need peace in your life. My favorite song is If You Will.

11. RY X: Dawn (2016)

I didn't think I would love this album as much as I do, but the album goes to places that I've never heard before and I am all for it. I don't have a favorite song yet because I love them all. 

12. The Sweeplings: Rise & Fall (2015)

The harmony, the love, the lyrics, I really get it all with The Sweeplings. Their slow country/folk sound reminds me of the group, The Civil Wars. My favorite songs are Always Been You, On & On, and What Have We Become

Comment below and let me know what music you've been loving this month! 


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