New and Improved

I am very glad that I took my time in deciding what I wanted my business cards to look like. At first, I didn't know which direction to take or even the correct information to put on my card. During the month of May, I decided to make five different designs using I waited about a month to look back at my designs and realized that I didn't like any of them and went in a totally different direction which is what I now have. The quality and design are much more my style and brand that I hope to carry across in everything that I present to the public, far better than my first card experience.

I like that I kept with the same genre of portraiture/fashion which I have the most experience in. Later on, I may make more cards with product or food on them so that I can give them to a  particular group of people. I bought the business cards during a sale and also found a promo code to get free shipping. In total, I bought the cards for half the price and bought double the amount of cards that I intended which is awesome! I am happy with the photos that I chose. I like the color scheme and that it looks like they all belong to the same photographer. I did not use my watermark/logo because I decided that I may change it in the future and I preferred the design on my card more than the one that I actually use. 

I enjoy handing out my cards and am glad that I no longer have to scribble my name on a spare piece of paper! 

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