The Mounting Process

Being an artist is not as simple as it seems. With expensive materials being as they are, I embarked on making my own frames. I do not necessarily enjoy this process, but what I do love is that I feel more connected to my work and value it more. Yes, there are splinters from the wood and hearing loss from the loud machines, but there is something about getting your hands dirty that makes me love this process. As if  there is a part of me that becomes one with my work. 

Step One: Sand one side of the masonite wood. 

Step Two: Cut the poplar wood frames with a 45 degree angle so that they will fit into a rectangle.

Step Three: Use wood glue to form the wood together and secure it with nails. 

Step Four: Measure out exactly where the rectangle needs to be on the masonite board. Glue it onto the back and secure with nails.

This step took a while because the nails that I used were too long for my board. So I had to cut and file them down. 

Step Five: Paint the entire back with latex flat black paint. 

Now I'm ready to place the canvas onto my frames! 

This took me about fifteen hours to accomplish all of this! My body aches, but I couldn't be more proud of my work.

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