Interview: Yusnely Negret

I just recently discovered her blog called BronZing Eyes! I love her creativity and love for fashion. It is a blog that shows her passion for fashion as well as her lifestyle. I hope you enjoy this interview and be sure to check out her lovely blog!

What is your name, age, and where are you from?

My name is Yusnely Negret , I am 18 years old , I was born in Cuba and now I live in Germany.

What made you start to blogging in the first place?

Honestly , I started to read a blog from a friend of a friend of mine and I saw that everyday she got more and more successful , she visited and got so much invitations from fashion events and  I wanted the same. I thought a lot about to start blogging. When I started I wasnt comparing  myself , my  ideas with others. I had my own and I happy with that.

Why do you love fashion?

Because there is never a right or wrong.

What are you inspired by? Why?

There are so much people that inspires me . One of them is Solange Knowles. I absolutly love her style. I was so flashed by her that I went to the hair dresser and said : I want Solange Knowles braids.

What is your favorite trend happening this summer?

High Waisted Shorts with Ethno Print

I love your Tumblr! Where/ How do you find the inspiration?

The most thing I love about my tumblr is that I combine a lot of things. Is not like other only about fashion. My tumblr blog is a variety between beautiful faces , food , places that I like and of course fashion. I get my inspirations by blogs I follow and most of all are american blogs.

What is your favorite place to shop?

I love second hand shops because I love vintage clothes , and that is a reason why my style is so unique. I also buy things online. The most of them on ebay. There are so much cheap things from Hong Kong online shops.

How do you separate your style from others? What makes your personal style unique?

 Like I said  I love Vintage, I also do many DIY projects and I combine clothes that people I know wouldnt wear.

Give me three words that describe you.

Happy, honest, and ambitious.

Lastly, what is something that you would like others to know about you?

 I would like to know people all around the world and be successful with my blogs. I want to inspire people.

People don't need to be shy to contact me. I will always be there to help if they have any questions

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