Interview: Ronan

I am so inspired by this interview and glad that I was able to learn more about the person behind the amazing blog called The Wild Swans. He has a great character and very knowledgeable about fashion. I highly recommend following his blog! I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

It is my hopes that by these interviews, we as bloggers can actually get to know the amazing people behind the blogs that we follow. And in turn, start a community of bloggers who are passionate about the same things.

What is your name, age, where are you from?

My name’s Ronan and I’m 22 going 23 real soon, I live in Liverpool at the moment (looking into moving to London soon) but I’m originally from Italy. 

What made you start to blogging in the first place? What do you like most about blogging?

I’ve always followed some of the famous bloggers such as 00o00, the Bagaholicboy and The Blonde Salad and I was always utterly impressed by the amazing job they were able to put together, throw in the mix that I’m a very creative person and that I love writing then that’s how I started baking the idea of blogging as well.

My favorite part about blogging is being in control of what I’m going to write about, find the media, edit it and then show the results of my hard work in a blog post.  

What is the idea behind your blog? What do you blog about? Who are the “Wild Swans”?

I wanted to create a blog about travel and fashion and everything that connects these two elements together such as lifestyle and grooming products, all wrapped up in a bow of elegance. The Wild Swans was all linked with the idea of targeting mainly the male public (though I have lots of girls taking inspiration as well, especially when they want to buy things for the boyfriend or try to become their personal stylists).

I think the web needs more blogs about menswear and men grooming. 

I came up with the name “The Wild Swans” from the very famous fairytale by H.C.Handersen. I got inspired by the Swans as they are such elegant and stylish creatures.. and they tend to migrate in warmer countries during winter time. So there you have it really, style and travel in forms of white birds!

What are you inspired by? Why?

I’m inspired by so many things that it’s so difficult to pinpoint just few things and people.

I have to say that I tend to get my inspiration from anything that is beautiful to the eye. It can be a good natural scenery or a particular movie or a ballet. Mostly though, I have to say that fashion in general is my main motivator.

Music is another huge factor for my inspiration. I love writing articles while I listen to some cool jazz music! It's just like an energy booster for me. 

What is your favorite trend happening this summer?

Good question, I’m in absolute love with those Orleban Brown beach shorts with crazy prints on, I think they are super cool! Shirts with floral prints and short chinos as well (Burberry has few amazing ones!). 

It seems like you like to travel, where are all the places that you have been and what was your favorite?

I do love traveling and I hope that soon enough, with a bit of help from my blog I will be able to travel even more. So far I’ve visited Italy, Spain (Barcelona), Czech Republic (Prague), Germany (Munich), Switzerland, Austria, Scotland and England. Then I was able to go to Canada (Toronto) and the US for family reasons. I definitely need to have a trip of Asia soon…

I am in love with menswear! Who is your favorite designer? And what do you like most about it?

My favourite designer is Burberry. I’m just mersmerized by their clothes and I think Christopher Bailey is doing such an amazing job as a creative director for the popular Brit-maison. I think what I like the most about it is the elegance and the English-look of it.

Bailey’s able to transform the clothes into something special. One season is military the next can be nautical. I just love how unpredictable he is.

I also love Lanvin, Balmain and Tom Ford. 

P.S. Hands down to Louis Vuitton when it comes to accessories.

Give me three words that describe you.

Creative, Ambitious and Candid. 

If you could wear one fashionable piece what would it be and why?  

My Tom Ford Sunglasses. I think they are the coolest sunglasses ever made, I fell in love with them as soon as I accidently slipped my eyes on the campaign a few years ago. They make you look pretty bad ass when you have them on.

Lastly, what is something that you would like others to know about you?

I’m hoping to become an editor of a fashion magazine one day, but for now I’ll be focusing on TWS and *fingers crossed* I’ll be able to cover the next S/S menswear fashion weeks in London/Milan/Paris! 

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