Just a Hobby


There is one thing that will always disappoint me and that is when people ask if photography is just a hobby for me. 

I'll never forget my freshman year of high school. For some reason, I was very nervous and unsure of what I wanted to do when I graduated. I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do.  I prayed about it for an entire month. One day, I was looking through a magazine and there was a photography contest. I saw the winners and was amazed by what a person could do with a camera. I had never owned a camera before, so I didn't even think of photography as a hobby.  I was immediately inspired and I had this overwhelming passion that I knew only came from God. Ever since that moment in time, I believe that God has given me this desire to be a photographer.

I don't know all the answers. I don't know what I am exactly going to do when I graduate from college or how I can use photography to give God the glory. Five years ago, I had been dreaming of the moments of when I would go to college and learn from professors who specialized in photography. I can now say that I am living my dream.

I know that this is a season of change for me and I don't know what the future holds, but I must say that I love what I do and I pray that no one will ever confuse my love for photography to be something as mediocre as a hobby. Just like on the movie,

Chariots of Fire

, I truly feel God's pleasure when I take pictures.

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