A Night without Stars

Model: Sam Ypma

Photographer: John Ciamillo

via:Fashion Gone Rogue

It's not often when one sees a fashion photographer who will just focus straight on the face. I love the fact that even though the model is just staring at the picture that she brings such emotion and character in the photograph. The sharp stare, the freckles, the black and white, bring to the whole package of the photograph.

I would like to compare this picture with another that is similar to Ciamillo's photograph.

Model: Atika

Street Photographer: Danny Santos

Danny Santos is one of my favorite photographers. He is an expert in street photography, but is also exploring other venues of photography, such as portraits. You can read his whole story here.

I just love how each photograph is essentially the same, yet the model gives a different emotion from each picture just through her eyes. I believe that they both have a beauty that can only be expressed through the photographer's lens.Santos says in his blog, "A girl without freckles is a night without stars."

Well said, Danny.

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