Live Music


The last week of camp was a music camp. Each day, the campers joined together in a band to practice marching and playing their instruments. Half way through the week, there practicing was put to the test as they played the National Anthem at a Brewers game. It was amazing to hear them play and to see how talented each person was.


I still cannot believe I was able to see Lecrae perform at a concert in Milwaukee! It's crazy because I was still at camp and I knew I was not able to make it. But I began to think and I realized that it was the last full day of camp and that I could possibly have a chance to go.

To make a long story short, the event called Rock the Lakes started at 4pm; I arrived at around 6pm. As we were driving up to the place, I heard an announcer welcome Lecrae on stage. I screamed with excitement because I thought I had already missed him. It was great to see him perform and made my leaving camp early worth it.


Franklin Grahm preaching the message at

Rock the Lakes

, it was amazing to see all the people come forward to accept Christ.

I had to stay for the rest of the concert, even though I wanted to leave. However, honestly... I'm so glad that I did. I am not really rock and roll and do not know much about Skillet, for that matter, but they were absolutely amazing. I even cried because of the testimony that they shared. The music was loud and people were screaming everywhere, but it didn't matter.

After that, I must say that I love going to concerts and hearing live music.

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