Oh Natural

All my life, I have always wanted long, straight hair. I've always wanted to move my fingers through my hair without any trouble. I've always wanted to have hair past my shoulders and I was sure that all the guys would like me. Yes, that was my dream. My mother would never let me put any chemicals in my hair. Now that I look back on it, I am very thankful that she did. I have always had natural hair, so I am not changing anything. But I have always been a bit shy about wearing it completely free.

I am currently on a journey to make my hair grow longer. I have been reading and watching many natural hair blogs and videos for inspiration and advice and I will be following their every move. My favorite natural hair blog is

Curly Nikki

. As of now, if I were to straighten my hair, it would go past my shoulders, but when it is curly it looks quite short. I want to embrace the person that God made me to be and not be ashamed of my hair. Here are some looks that have found from other bloggers. I know it will take time, but hey maybe in a couple of years, you'll see my hair much longer!

Where Did You Get That

This is what my hair looks like!

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