The Broken House


I was inspired by David Hockney who introduced me to cubism. It took me a while to decide what I should actually portray in the piece. I decided to take a picture of a house and not just any house. You see this is a house that I saw everyday. It is the house across the street. I watched people come in and out of that house. Some moved because of the violence, others moved because of the drugs. After a while no one came to live in the house. I took a picture of this, as a sort of memoir because I do not live in this particular neighborhood anymore.

The brokenness is represented in two different ways. The first is the boarded up  windows and the emptiness and untidiness of the house itself. The other is the actual way the cubes are placed, making the house look distorted and broken. This is a fairly close up shot of this art piece, but when a person looks at this piece from a distance, it is hard to recognize what is being displayed. That is when the person has to take a step closer to see the details and the story behind the broken house.

I hope that you enjoy this and I hope to do more of cubism in the future!

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