Current Favorites

Current Favorites:

+ playing cards with my little brother and beating him every time

+ laughing out loud

+ speaking with a Scottish accent

+ eating spinach with everything else I eat

+ lip syncing to songs that I don't even know the words

+ sitting with a blanket over my head to stay warm

Things I Want to Do:

+ learn to speak Spanish fluently

+ be inspired

+ walk in Faith

+ have a wonderful break from school

+ study abroad 

Fave Songs of the Moment:

+ Background by Lecrae

+ Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars

+ Todo Cambio by Camila

+ Vulnerable by Secondhand Serenade

+ Me Voy by Julieta Venegas

+ Song for Sienna by Brian Crane

Fictional Characters I Wish I Could Meet in Real Life

+ Count of Monte Cristo played by James Caviezel

+ Mega Mind played by Will Ferrell

+ Ron Weasley played by Rupert Grint

+ Jake Fischer played by Ashton Kutcher

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