Oh Happy Day

Since living in Indiana, this is the earliest I have ever started my day. This is because I had a special guest coming to see me. I was very excited because I hadn't seen Allison in about three years. She actually was the one who helped me to start working in ministry. She was the leader of The Puppet Ministry in which we witnessed to children by using puppets who sang and were apart of skits. Being apart of this group, helped me to understand what it is to live selflessly and to have a desire for others to come to Christ. Not only did I help others grow, but I grew as a person as well. I'll never forget the times we had traveling to different mountains in Mexico and memorizing songs for the kids.

I got to show Allison a mini tour of my school and catch up on some Mexico news. It was a splendid morning!

A few minutes later when we were talking, I started looking at the different articles... And SURPRISE SURPRISE!

Yes, that is my name!

What a great surprise that was!

Later, Allison surprised me with my all-time favorite chips from Mexico!


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