Curly hair

4-up on 2011-08-23 at 12.33 (compiled)

Well world, this is what my hair looks like when it's curly. I find it interesting how different I can look by just changing my hair. I DO look totally different.

As you know I am on a journey to growing out my hair, so I am finding new hair styles to wear as well. Here is a style that I really like, but it didn't last very long. I hope to be changing my hair this week so stay tuned.

I never would have thought a couple of years ago, that I would be wearing my hair like this in public. I was always embarrassed or just plain thought my hair was ugly. Now by wearing my hair like this, it has given me more confidence and also it is much more freeing. I have been experimenting with my hair so I am trying different styles. I actually like this look that I have, even though it has some getting used to.

Now that I think of it, my hair looks much longer from

this picture

that I took in April.

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