Speak to me NOW!

We learn how to make a perfect circle, where to put commas in the right place, and how to stay fit in a little place that I like to call school. But there are other things that we do not learn at school. Things such as how to crack an egg, or change a baby's diaper. We learn those things from our parents or others that we look up to. Some things we learn on our own. Like how to not wear striped pants with a polka-dot blouse or how not to eat an orange after you just brushed your teeth (I tried that before and believe me, it's not a good experience). Once you become a certain age, people expect you to know a certain amount of things... like you're just supposed to know, don't you know?

But there is one major thing that I have not quite mastered. One word: communication.

 Ever since I was little, people have been asking me, "Why are you so quiet?" And I would always say," I don't know." I've come to realize that I am not good at communicating and now it has become more apparant. So I need to learn just like in school.

Lately, I've been reading and researching on the best way to communicate with others. I've also been observing others and how they carry on a conversation. I guess sometimes I don't realize what I am doing until after it happens. And since I'm so used to being quiet, it just seems easier. However, just like geometry and reciting Bible verses, I want to accomplish this. And I know that with the Lord's help, all things are possible.

Here's a picture for you to think about...

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